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Les Noces de l'Agneau
Les Noces de l'Agneau
Essai philosophique sur le corps et l'eucharistie

Par Emmanuel Falque

Paru en : Mars 2011  [2014]

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Collection « La Nuit surveillée »


This book begins with a question posed long ago that has lost nothing of its incongruity today: ‘How can this man give us his flesh to eat?’(Jn 6, 52.) Only philosophy can explore it (power of the body, the animal part of man, the sharing of Eros); and only theology can remove its mystery (transubstantiation, the sacrifice of the Lamb, figures of ‘agape’). The ‘wedding of the lamb’ (Rev 19, 19) is a celebratory feast which we don’t quite know how to interpret, all the more so because the evocation of ‘mystery’ has the perverse effect of dissuading us from attempting to understand at all. Based on the great traditional questions (transubstantiation, incorporation, adoration, etc.) and elucidated by analyses drawn from the entire history of philosophy (from Aristotle and Saint Thomas to Spinoza, Deleuze and Merleau-Ponty), this book explores the statement ‘This is my body’ both ‘existentially’ and ‘dogmatically’, presuming that the vocation of Christ’s corporeality was to bear everything, and that nothing of our inner chaos could be unknown to him.
Following on from the ‘Passeur de Gethsémani’ and ‘Métamorphose de la finitude’, ‘Les Noces de l'Agneau’ completes a triptych which can also be read as three separate books. It moves on from experiences of ‘death’ and ‘birth’ to that of the ‘body’. ‘Hoc est corpus meum’ (‘This is my body’). The statement is not only of a confessional nature (Eucharistic liturgy), but also human (exchange between spouses) and cultural (paradigm of the West). To the ‘Descente dans l'abîme’ (Part 1), and the ‘Séjour de l'homme’ (Part 2); the figure of ‘Dieu incorporé’ responds in Part 3, demonstrating that ‘There is nothing that commits a man like the Eucharist’. (Br. Mauriac).

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