Eastern Orthodox Christianity and the Culture of Dialogue

Eastern Orthodox Christianity and the Culture of Dialogue

de Ioan Alexandru Tofan , Viorel Coman

Collection Cerf Patrimoines

320 pages - juin 2024


Despite his unsurpassable contribution to ecumenical and interreligious dialogue, André Scrima (1925-2000) is a neglected theologian outside Romania and Orthodox Christianity. The publication of a collective volume in English on his theology fi lls a gap in the international literature on twentieth century Orthodox Christianity, ecumenical theology, interreligious dialogue, and European philosophy. Bringing together thirteen original contributions, this volume is the fi rst English book-length publication on Scrima’s unique theological and philosophical vision, with particular emphasis on his understanding and practice of dialogue.
His theology, scattered in published and unpublished articles, book chapters, interviews, short notes, collection of course notes, and correspondence, is an open invitation to dialogue, conversation, and rapprochement between people, cultures, and religions. It is a theology of dialogue nourished by the riches of Eastern Christian spirituality, Hesychast tradition, and intellectual life, in conversation with Western philosophical and theological sources, as well as with the achievements and values of other religions and non-European schools of philosophy. At the heart of Scrima’s theology lies the idea that dialogue with the other is not a peripheral option or a low-priority task but an urgent and vital demand.
Scrima is a voice that needs to be heard, especially today when the culture of dialogue is challenged on so many fronts.
Dr. Viorel Coman is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology “Justinian the Patriarch”, University of Bucharest, Romania, and Research Associate at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, KU Leuven, Belgium.
Dr. Ioan Alexandru Tofan is Full Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Ia?i, Romania, where he teaches philosophy of religion, hermeneutics, and Romanian philosophy.
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